Exterior and Glass Cleaning

Internal cleaning of multi-storey buildings is as important as external cleaning. The facades and glass surfaces of the buildings are polluted and worn over time due to external factors such as air pollution, rain water, direct reflection of exhaust gases and UV rays.

Permanent damage to the exterior surfaces that cannot be cleaned for a long time or is not cleaned with suitable methods and equipment may occur.

Garden Style Group provides cleaning services by determining the appropriate cleaning method according to the height and location of the buildings with the appropriate chemicals and equipment on the exterior and glass surfaces.

The process that needs to be done primarily in exterior and glass cleaning is the discovery of the structure to be cleaned. Glass and coating cleaning methods and cleaning chemicals are selected according to the architectural structure of the building and the type of coating material. Our technical team examines the structures and prepares a status report and submits their reports to the senior management about what to do.

The chemicals we use in cleaning provide fluidity against rain water and minimize the adherence of dirt and dust to the surfaces.

Our employees working at height are trained in working at height and have IRATA certificate. We apply occupational safety precautions in exterior and glass cleaning.

Garden Style performs exterior cladding, exterior glass cleaning, partition glass cleaning, glass cleaning services of shopping centers and business centers, by taking all security measures by experienced personnel and using appropriate equipment.